Personal Data (Privacy) Policy
Hong Kong Digital Asset Credit Limited (the "Company") will do its best to protect the privacy of data in accordance with applicable Hong Kong laws and regulations from time to time. This notice is to inform customers and other individuals about the company's data policy.

a. When opening or renewing an account, establishing or renewing credit, or requesting the company to provide services, the customer needs to provide the company with relevant information from time to time.

b. Failure to provide such information to the company may result in the company's inability to open, continue or provide credit services.

c. In the course of normal business dealings between customers and our company, our company will also collect customer information. For example, applying for a loan or renewing a loan account.

d. The customer's information may be used for the following purposes:
  1. Process applications for credit and/or other financial services;
  2. Provide services and credit facilities to customers' daily operations;
  3. Credit surveys conducted when customers apply for credit, and one or more regular or special reviews every year to assist the company in assessing customer credit limits;
  4. Prepare and maintain the company's credit scoring model;
  5. Assist other financial institutions to conduct credit checks and collect debts;
  6. Ensure that customers maintain reliable credit;
  7. Credit services or related products designed for use by customers;
  8. Promote credit services or related products;
  9. Calculate the debt between the company and the customer;
  10. Carry out insurance claims or analysis;
  11. Collect debts from customers and those who provide mortgages or guarantors for their responsibilities;
  12. Maintain the customer's credit file for the company's current or future reference (regardless of whether the customer has a relationship with the company or not);
  13. According to the requirements of any applicable laws, rules, court orders that the company must perform, or the guidance of the regulatory agency that the company is expected to perform, make necessary disclosures to the regulatory agency, the police or the court;
  14. Make the actual or proposed transferee of the company, or the participant or affiliated participant of the company's rights to the customer appraise the intention to become a transaction for transfer, participation or affiliate participation; and
  15. Uses related to the above.

e. The company will keep confidential the customer information it holds, but the company may provide such information to the following parties for the purposes listed in paragraph (d):
  1. Any agent, contractor, or third-party service provider who provides administration, telecommunications, computers, payment or other services related to the company's business operations;
  2. Anyone responsible for the confidentiality of the company, including companies in the company's group that have promised to keep the information confidential;
  3. Credit information agencies; and when customers owe debts, they can provide such information to debt collection companies;
  4. The company is obliged to make disclosures to any person under the legally binding provisions of the company; and
  5. Any actual or proposed transferee of the company or any participant or affiliated participant or transferee of the company's rights to the client.

f. According to the provisions of the Personal Data (Privacy) Regulations and the Code of Practice for Personal Credit Information Approved and Issued in accordance with the Regulations, any client has the right to:
  1. Check whether the company holds his information and view the information;
  2. Request the company to correct any inaccurate information about him;
  3. To find out the company's policies and practices regarding data and to be informed of the types of personal data held by the company;
  4. Inquiries and responses from the company, the types of personal data routinely disclosed to credit reference agencies or debt collection agencies, and further information provided by the company to request the relevant credit reference agencies or debt collection agencies to access and correct data Requirements; and
  5. When the account is closed, if the account has been fully paid off, the company can be instructed to request the credit reference agency to delete the account information provided by the company from the database, but this instruction must be issued within five years after the account is closed. In the five years immediately before the end of the account, there was no record of arrears for more than 60 days. If the account has a delinquency record of more than 60 days, the credit reference agency can keep the relevant record until 5 years from the date when the debt is fully paid, or 5 years from the effective date of the bankruptcy order received by the company , Whichever occurs earlier.

g. In accordance with the provisions of the regulations, the company has the right to collect reasonable fees for handling any data access requirements.

h. Any request for reviewing or correcting data, or requesting for data policies and practices, or the types of data held, should be addressed to the following persons:

Hong Kong Digital Asset Credit Limited
Room 1403, 14th Floor, 102 Austin Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
Phone: +852 2628 2828